Help! I’m Trapped in the Junior SING! Exhibit, and Now I’m Forced to Watch PDA!

How unhinged can a night at the museum really be? Junior SING! shows you that… and then some!

Reading Time: 1 minute

Wait, so like, what happened during Junior SING! again? Sorry, the amount of Senior SING! disses really buried the plot…

And what, weren't there like three different side plots? C’mon, how much can really happen in a single night at the museum? Sure, the thievery aspect was cool, but did we really need two thieves that were clearly working with a singular brain cell? Whoever said two heads were better than one obviously didn’t watch Junior SING!. And besides, who thought it would be a good idea for a property lawyer to work on a crime case, of all things? It really wasn’t in her job description!

The goofiness didn’t stop there, though. After they finally realized that the number for 911 was indeed 9-1-1, Junior SING! had an entire dance crew dress up as security guards, who then proceeded to ignore the crooks that were right in front of their eyes. Other than showing off some moves and body rolls and perhaps being eyecandy to those hopeless romantics out there in the audience (of which there were many), the police were practically useless. 

Perhaps the highlight of the show was when an orphaned Roomba, presumably sourced from the depths of the Robotics dungeon, wandered onto the stage. However, upon seeing how dismal the Junior SING! performance was, the robot disappointedly left the stage, its last words reportedly being “see ya suckers, I’m going to go watch Senior SING! instead!”

Goofs aside, Junior SING! had many commendable points. Though they may not have given the best advice on how to catch thieves, Junior SING! is a must watch for anyone who wishes to learn PDA… because what’s more romantic than running the PACER and getting all sweaty right after a deep and sensual kiss? 

Keep that in mind for your next date (assuming you have the rizz to even land a date, of course), but in the meantime, perhaps it would be better not to visit any museums. You never know when you might find a junior trapped in a box with only a wig as emotional support…