How to Get Into the Big Sib Program 101

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Please list five of your most meaningful extracurricular activities inside and outside of Stuy.

1. President, founder, and sole member of Lettuce Eating Club; 4 hours per day, 52 weeks per year

Faculty advisor: Ms. Hill

2. Indoor Track; I run from the first to the 10th floor every day to make my drafting class on time

Faculty advisor: Mr. Autry

3. Official Photographer of the Eric Fangirl Club

Faculty advisors: Mr. Grossman, Mr. Smith, Mr. Contreras, Mr. Wisotsky, Mr. Ferencz

4. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club; 8 days a week

Faculty advisory: Winkel Starr

5. Humor Department, Stuyvesant Spectator

How was your own transition into Stuy?

I actually don’t go here; I just walked in during Camp Stuy, and no one stopped me. I think I ended up joining “Zealous Zooplankton.” They were pretty dope. The transition itself went pretty well because no one in Stuy knows about the rice incident that happened in middle school.

Tell us one of your favorite moments with a Big Sib OR tell us what your Big Sibs could've done differently if you weren't that close to any.

It was when they didn’t show up.

Why do you think you’d be a good Big Sib?

I mean, the standards can’t be THAT high, right? And I’m also the most perfect human being in existence. If you don’t take me, that’s a sin in itself, bruh.

Do you have any advice for Little Sibs?

See “Dear Incoming Stuyvesant Class of 2024,” page one.

How would you encourage your Little Sibs to get involved in extracurricular activities?

Physically handcuff them to a library bookshelf until The Spectator recruitments come around! Duh!

Write about one embarrassing, funny, or fun moment that happened to you at Stuy.

I got my toe cut off.

Do you have access to a video calling device?

It depends on who’s asking. 😉

If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be and why?

I would be the Lazy Licker's Spinning Ice Cream Cone. I’m always positive and helpful whenever possible. And I’m always spinning.