SING! by the Numbers

The Spectator’s News Department provides the budget breakdown for the SING! 2024 productions.

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Each SING! was funded $5,000 from the Student Union (SU), with an additional $2,000 each from the Parents Association, totaling $7,000 allocated for each SING!. Tech crews were also given a separate budget of $1,000 each for buying wood under the jurisdiction of Ms. Bernstein. Profits from SING! 2024, including leftover budget money and ticket sale revenue, will go to the SU general fund, in part to contribute to funding SING! 2025.

Soph-Frosh SING!:

Soph-Frosh SING! was organized by sophomore coordinator Joanne Hwang, sophomore producers Sama Daga, Tristan Haugh, and Leah Riegel, and freshmen producers Emma Ching and Hilda Liang. They spent just over $5,200—about $1,000 less than production costs in 2023—and remained reasonably under their budget of $7,000. 

Out of all crews, Soph-Frosh SING! spent the majority of their funding on art, precisely $2,100, to create their stellar set consisting of lively town centers and saloons. Another crew that utilized a sizable chunk of the overall budget was costumes, which spent approximately $1,400. A variety of fabric types, fringe materials, and cowboy hats were purchased to bring the Wild West theme to life.

With respect to dance crews, Soph-Frosh SING! spent $419.86 on Latin in order to fund dance shoes. It is worth noting, however, that in 2023, Soph-Frosh SING! utilized about $700 of their budget for dance shoes, claiming that they would be useful for future productions. Flow spent precisely $407.21—slightly less than that spent by Latin—to purchase fans and glowsticks needed to illuminate the stage.

Remaining expenses included $637.31 for props, $242 for makeup, and $58.86 for tech with the exception of their wood budget.

Junior SING!:

Junior SING! was coordinated by Rayen Zhou and produced by Dale Heller, Johnny Lin, and Adeline Sauberli. They spent just over $5,300—considerably less than the $6,100 devoted to production costs in 2023—thus remaining under their budget of $7,000. 

Costumes utilized a substantial majority of the Junior SING! Budget, spending $1,908.18 to create stunning outfits for the cast and modern dancers. Furthermore, art spent a total of $1,679.65 to arrange the intricate museum components of the show, including a one-point perspective gallery and portraits situated throughout the scene.

In terms of dance crews, Junior SING! spent significantly less of their budget than in 2023. Flow spent $482.58 this year—almost $200 fewer than the amount they spent in 2023. However, makeup utilized $168.10 of the budget to beautify performers, which was a stark contrast from the mere $10 that they spent last year.

Remaining expenses included $106.72 for props, $204.95 for Latin, $80 for Hip-Hop, $65.91 for Slate, and $625.07 for tech.

Senior SING!:

Senior SING! was coordinated by Matthew Monge and produced by Zelia Ryan-Young, Johanna Wu, Gaven Nowak, Rebecca Bao, Daniel Murdoch, and Simon Leton. They spent a total of $4,618.79—slightly less than the $4,800 utilized in 2023—thus remaining well under their budget of $7,000 and making Senior SING! the most cost-effective SING! production of 2024.

Out of all crews, Senior SING! devoted the majority of their budget to costumes, spending $1,222.27 to create the decorative pirate attire worn by cast members and dancers alike. In terms of spending, flow came in second, utilizing a whopping total of $825.41 for their electrifying performance.

With respect to dance crews, costumes were provided for all with the exception of Bolly, whose ornate outfits required a sizable portion of the Senior SING! budget. They spent $661.74 to put together a mesmerizing performance as sirens, dressed in silky blue fabrics resembling ocean waves as the pirate crew embarked on their treacherous journey across the sea.

Remaining expenses included $554.52 for art, $462.58 for tech, $538.49 for props, $47.98 for lights and sound, $231.87 for makeup, and $73.93 for Slate.

Miscellaneous information:

2023 attendees:

Maximum allowed in a night: 840

Thursday night: 392

Friday night: 820

Saturday night: 840

2024 attendees: 

Maximum allowed in a night: 840

Thursday night: 400

Friday night: 768

Saturday night: 800