Sophfrosh SING!: Holy Cow!

We loved the cows so much! Oh, and there were also some songs and dances, I guess? Sorry, I fell asleep.

Reading Time: 1 minute

Sophfrosh SING! introduces us to the Wild West town of Ponyville, where Twilight Sparkle and her friends—oh wait, not here. But they do have cows, lots of them! Honestly, the cows alone could have earned their own story, with their histories of being broken by senior tech members and enacting questionable economic policies. 

Tell me, friend, what comes to mind when you think of the Wild West? Adventure? Romance? Shoot-offs? Horses? Some guy doing yoga for twenty minutes? If you answered “yes” to that last question, then you’re in for a treat! If you were hoping for something more exciting… Well, better luck next time. But it’s all right, I think we all needed to meditate a little after hearing Sophfrosh’s band. Yikes!

The performers of Sophfrosh SING! really put in the effort to immerse us in the setting, even committing to Western accents of varying quality. We would’ve gotten lost in the Wild West sauce if not for the floating Windows update in the sky, reminding us of the pains of modern life and the overall terrible projector performance this SING! Season.

The script of SophFrosh SING! was quite exhilarating as well. And let’s not move past the comedic hilarity within it! With the amount of jokes they repeated so many times and the extensive Moran inclusions, it’s as if the Spec Humor department wrote this plot! But seriously, how many times can you mention Ronald Reagan and STILL think it’s funny? 

At the end of the day, you’ve gotta hand it to the actors—it’s hard to be convincing when the stakes of your story revolve around evil tumbleweeds. When asked why they chose such a strange source of conflict, one anonymous scriptwriter reported, “The villains were originally going to use guns, but then Maggio lectured us for three hours after she read the first draft. So we thought, ‘Well tumbleweeds are pretty Western, right?’ Let’s just say the find and replace tool became our best friend after that.”