The Best Pranks for April Fool’s Day

Reading Time: 1 minute

Every April, The Spectator has curated a list of the very best pranks since its inaugural issue in 1915, when we suggested girls should attend Stuyvesant. Here’s this year’s rendition:

1. Remind the teacher that they forgot to check the homework. That will really ensure a good, completely friendly laugh out of your classmates, especially if you’re a junior.

2. Start a fight club. Bonus points if you manage to bring it to the attention of colleges. Super, extra bonus points if the members of your newly formed school-funded club threaten extra-probing freshmen at the interest meeting.

3. When signing up for APs, make sure to sign up for as many as possible, especially the ones that you are not interested in. It’ll sure be funny for the kids who don’t get to take the class they’ve been dying to take since freshman year.

4. Go to class, especially if you’re a second term senior. Teachers will think you’ve decided to audit their class when you show up for the first time since January. If you dare, consider doing your homework, staying awake, or even participating. Keep it up, and they might actually fail you.

5. Announce that you’re running for Senior Caucus. Actually campaign—that’ll make it somewhat obvious that it’s a joke. If Maszlo can do it, so can you.