The Scoop: Dynamic Between MJ and the Balls

With Lamelo Ball headed to Charlotte to play under the ownership of Michael Jordan, Lavar’s previous claims that he could beat Jordan in a one-on-one could spark an interesting dynamic between the father-son duo and Jordan.

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The highly-anticipated 2020 NBA Draft, hosted virtually by ESPN, took place on November 18. Among the many exciting headlines to come out of the draft, third pick point guard LaMelo Ball was undoubtedly the biggest storyline that night. Now that LaMelo Ball is a member of the Charlotte Hornets, a team owned by none other than Michael Jordan, some basketball fans are hoping that the one-on-one game between LaMelo’s outspoken father, LaVar Ball, and MJ will finally happen.

By selecting Ball with the third pick, the Hornets gained a talented, flashy player who will help fill the arena stands and bring immediate notoriety to the franchise. Ball’s immense popularity can be attributed to his last name and flamboyant personality, both of which he inherited from his father, LaVar. LaVar has never shied away from media attention, and his rise to fame can be credited to his outlandish and controversial statements. One such statement was made on national TV in 2017 when he claimed that in his prime, he could beat Michael Jordan in a one-on-one. The clip immediately went viral, garnering millions of views and putting the father-of-three in the national spotlight. Whether it was a genuine claim or just a marketing strategy, the mass attention gained by LaVar and the Ball family ended up being beneficial for the Ball clan, who now have all three brothers in the league, becoming one of the exclusive families to have siblings in the NBA.

However, now that LaMelo is a member of the Charlotte Hornets, LaVar might regret his brash statements. Whether or not we get to finally see the one-on-one between Jordan and Lavar, the dynamic between the Balls and MJ will be fun to watch, and only time will tell what the future holds for the trio.